About Chiang Mai

About Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai - Thailand Cultural City

traditional hmong costumes

Chiang Mai is one the Northern Thailand Glory

Chiang Mai City has much more to offer. The art, tradition and culture make this northern city a unique and importanat destination to travel in thailand. You will come across many ancinet traditions that still follow there fore father work. One of the Best destination in Thailand to go and mix with the people, share the culture and learn the new way of living in Thailand.

We invite you to visit our lodge and the tribal communities nearby, where you can learn the intricate techniques of traditional Hmong embroidery, weaving and batik. Trekking tours to villages farther afield are led by our experienced guides, through exquisite jungle scenery rich with endemic plant and animal life, while closer to home, our expansive pool area offer fabulous ways to unwind. Our Hmong neighbours from the village of Mae Khi also come to our lodge every evening to perform for our guests, communicating key aspects of Hmong culture through song, dance and rituals.