Unique Experience

Experience Northern Thailand

The Cultural City Chiang Mai

traditional hmong costumes

A Tribal Tour to Northern Thailand

A unique way to experience Northern Thailand. Join the cultural community - HMONG. The people who started there community from 3000 B.C. And keep expanding around the world. The Culture that is a part from the todays new generation. What are Hmong Belives, Hmong Dance, Hmong Custom costumes and much more to explore at Hmong HillTribe Lodge.

Why we call this a unique experience! The Hmong Festivals are so unique and different. It has connection between the soul, living and lifestyle together with nature. The different kinds of festivals as different meaning. Just like "Hu Plig" means Calling souls of family to unite." Or "A thank you feast from parents and in-laws - known as Tam Noob Ncoos".

Hmong HillTribe Lodge is a Nature's Paradise, A hideaway in the middle of Chiang Mai at Mae Rim District. Make your experience unique by traveling with our Tour Packages. Click Here.