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Things To Do

Hmong Dance Perforamance

The cultural dance of Hmong has different meaning with different activites and rituals performed at the time of various ceremony. Along with this the dances are so entertaining and knowledge. The history behind this is Hmong dance were used as a way of relaxing the soliders in war during 1970 in south-east Asia. The Two forces Lao and American use Hmong people as part of relaxing there soliders.

Hmong Custom Costumes

Hmong Costumes are mixture of the dominant colors and patterns are of their traditional clothing. The embroidery is very fine and at classic style of Hmong. They like to have different headwear with a large comb embedded in their long hair known as Tao. Also headscarf are used and known as Yao.

A Playing activitiy performed

Dance is also a way to propose a Hmong for marriage. The Girl and Boy first play games and if like each other they would decide to meet. This is a magical with simple play, dance perform activity. You may try at Hmong..

Hmong Indoor fire Camp

During cool weather at mountain, it is good to have camp inside. And Hmong Cottage is designed for families, friends, group tours, party groups to have fun in living rooms with fire camp inside cottage.

A folk instrumental Play

Hmong folk song on flute. In Hmong folktales and songs the story and rituals have meaning in itself. This are ancient Hmong instruments played with rhyme and words show traditional songs. Also now a days this is used as additional new lyrics to classical music shows around world.